Noiseless traditional hand dryer, equipped with brushless motor.
Recommended for low budget and for medium traffic washrooms, perfect if extremely low noise is the main criteria for a hand dryer. Contemporary stylish design. Wide range of impact resistant ABS covers available.

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We’re the first manufacturer in Europe who developed entry level ABS hand dryer, SINCE 1968. Nowadays this kind of product is still available as there still is a request for quiet hand dryers: whenever extremely low noise is the main purchasing criteria UNIK is the best choice (max. noise level 60 db).

We’ve renewed the design of the traditional product in a stylish contemporary way: covers are available in a wide range of colours (white, grey and chrome). The white ones are available both with push button or sensor operating, the grey and the chrome one are available only sensor operating.

Unik is equipped with brushless long lasting motor that means no need of maintenance (expected motor life of 2500 continuous hours). About 35 seconds drying time, which is certainly not the quickest, but it still produces an effective drying experience when the cycle is complete.

There will always be a trade off between lower noise levels and performance, however you will not be disappointed with the overall sound output of this hand dryer if low noise is your requirement.
The reliance on the heater element does raise the energy consumption somewhat, but replacing paper towels in a facility with this unit will still bring not less than 30% reduction in annual costs.

Push button or Automatic
220-240 V
50-60 Hz
Wall Base
Electrical insulation
Class II
Protection level
Motor type
Motor speed
2800 rpm
Rated motor power
65 W
Rated power
1785 W
Rated heater power
1850 W
Automatic turn-off
60 sec.
Air speed
80 Km/h
Air flow volume
65 l/s
Noise level
60 db
Sensors adjusting
Heating element adjusting
Drying time
20 sec.
Electrical Insulation
3 Kg
Dimensions (H x W x D)
305 x 262 x 165 mm
Pcs per box
Bipolar 10A
3 years