Dry Max UV

Made in Italy eco-jet hand dryer: fast drying time, energy efficient, stylish design and very compact in size (depth less than 10 cm).

Top hygiene level by integrated UV-C lamp and inbuilt antibacterial filter as standard equipment.

Adjustable energy consumption, noise level and drying time. Adjustable heating element.

A blue LED light shines on the hands when activated.

Wide range of finishes available.

  • Made in Italy
  • CE
  • RoHs Compliant
  • Filtro Anti Covid
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Made in Italy high-speed hand dryer, eco-jet range.

Stylish design and compact dimensions, depth less than 10 cm.

DRY MAX UV is the real turning point in hygiene features: standard equipment of integrated UV-C lamp (for the sanitization of the inner part) and inbuilt antibacterial filter (for the sanitization of the airflow). Only the simultaneous use of lamp and filter guarantees an absolute level of hygiene, revolutionizing the partial solutions of traditional dryers.

Fast drying time (15 seconds on max power). Variator for adjusting energy consumption, noise level and drying time. The heat can be switched off to maximise energy efficiency at any time.

Available in white, black, chromed and chrome-satin ABS finish.

With the most competitive results in terms of hygiene, drying time, energy saving, design and comfort, these dryers are the latest thing in hand drying. Whenever you need a fast, hygienic and stylish dryer DRY MAX UV is the best choice.